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The cutting of the Zamioculca is produced in-house, so that we are sure that the Zamioculca cutting comes from healthy plants.

3 cuttings are inserted in each pot, which quickly leads to a full Zamioculca plant.

Using a fork lift, the potted zamioculca is transported to the heated greenhouse.

Just like the hibiscus the zamioculca spends its first weeks in a cuttings greenhouse. This greenhouse is considerably heated, allowing the cuttings to root.

The zamioculca doesn’t require much care to be able to grown. The zamioculca is a tropical plant, so it does require a war place to grown, which is why this section of the greenhouse has additional heating.

Just like the ficus and hibiscus, the zamioculca has a private label. This label also includes care tips for the zamioculca so that the consumer knows how to care for this plant.

The zamioculca plants are transported on a Danish cart or trolley. This depends on the wishes of the customer.

Just like with the ficus and hibiscus the zamioculca is transported to the auction with own transportation where possible.

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