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Zamioculca Care

*The zamioculca grows best at a semi sunny, light location. Don’t expose it excessively to bright sunlight. Around 20 degrees is perfect for the zamioculca.

*If you want to keep the zamioculca small, don’t transfer it to a different pot. If you want a large, full zamioculca, make sure to transfer it to a larger pot.

*Frequently rotate the zamioculca allowing it to grow evenly.

*Don’t let the zamioculca dry out, otherwise leaf drop will occur. Too much water will make the bottom of the leafs yellow. Give less water during the winter.

*If there is dust on the leaf of the zamioculca, make sure to spray the leafs using lukewarm water. Don’t use tap water, as this will cause white stains.

*Give the zamioculca a little plantfood once a month.

*We have designed a private label for the zamioculca. They are sold under the name Zamigo, Easy & Relaxing friend.

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