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We use our own Hibiscus plants to provide cuttings for the next round, to be sure that the cuttings come from healthy plants. After making the cuttings, they are put in a cooling cell for a couple of days, providing a strong cutting that can easily be inserted.

The trays of plugs arrive from the auction ready for use. They are placed in the cuttings greenhouse several days prior to their insertion, to make sure that they are wet enough. A day prior to insertion, the plugs are treated with Ridomil to prevent fungi.

The cuttings are inserted into the plugs. All kinds and sizes of cuttings are inserted, so not just the small Hibiscus pot sizes, but the Hibiscus stems as well.

Once all plugs are filled with Hibiscus cuttings, a plastic foil is wrapped around it, to provide high and hot humidity, allowing the cutting to root quickly and firmly.

After a couple of weeks, the plastic is removed. The cutting will remain in the warm cutting greenhouse for a few weeks, allowing them to continue rooting for a high quality plant.

When the cuttings of the Hibiscus are strong enough, they are potted in the proper size pot. Potting the Hibiscus is done using a potting machine. This machine makes sure that the pots receive potting soil and that a hole is drilled into the potting soil. The plugs with cuttings are then placed into the drilled hole. Using a fork lift, the new plants are placed into the greenhouse at the right location.

Using a tides system, the plants frequently receive water, preventing scaling of the Hibiscus plants.

The Hibiscus plants are topped two or three times to ensure a beautiful, full and compact Hibiscus plant before it leaves the greenhouse.

When the Hibiscus plants are large enough and have formed enough buds, they can go to the auction. Using a fork lift, the 13 cm-tall plants are placed on a sorting machine.

The plants are sorted by height, making sure that the customer receives a tray with plants of equal size.

Just like the 21 cm and 24 cm Hibiscus stems, the 17cm and 21cm Hibiscus bushes are sorted manually.

Each Hibiscus variety is given a beautiful label with a separate QR code. This code will take you to the Fiori Grande website. Each variety of Hibiscus has its own page.

The Hibiscus plants are transported on a Danish cart or trolley. This depends on the wishes of the customer.

Just like with the Ficus and the Zamioculca, the Hibiscus is transported to the auction with own transportation where possible.

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