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Hibiscus Care

*The original Chinese rose has a couple of flowers, in addition to variants with double flowering. Cut away overblown flowers for a more beautiful appearance, while making sure that they bloom longer.

*The Hibiscus loves a light location, preferably a morning sun. The Hibiscus can bloom from April until October. The Hibiscus can also be placed outside at temperatures exceeding 15 degrees, during the day.

*During its flowering process, a Hibiscus requires a lot of water. Frequently immersing the plant allowing the roots to absorb the water is the best option.

*During its flowering process, a Hibiscus also frequently needs plant food. Once every 2 weeks is the best option.

*Don’t give a Hibiscus too cold water. Water at room temperature is preferred. Tap water is fine.

*The best thing is to avoid draft, since the Hibiscus doesn’t deal well with it. It often exposes the plant to greenfly. Apart from that the hibiscus is strong and hardly has any pest issues. If the air is too dry, certain issues may occur, such as the leaf convoluting.

*We have a private label for the hibiscus. They are sold under the name Fiori Grande.

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