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*A Ficus grows best at a light location, however, make sure that the Ficus is not placed in direct sunlight during the hot summer months.

* Once you have found a place for the Ficus, we recommend refraining from moving the plant. It takes the Ficus a lot of energy to get used to a new location.

* If the Ficus leans over to one direction, you can rotate it, preferably in small steps.

Ficus Alii

* The lighter the location of the Ficus, the more water it requires. So the amount of water it receives has to be adjusted to its location.

Ficus Benjamina

* Also important is to frequently water the Ficus and to make sure that the pot soil never dries out.

Ficus Benjamina

* During the rest period (in the winter) add little bits of lukewarm water. During the summer, shower it by placing it in the rain.

Ficus Benjamina

* After about a year, the Ficus has absorbed all food from the potting soil. This is why the Ficus really appreciates it when its potting soil is renewed ever year. This repotting process should be done in a larger pot. Packaged potting soil for house plants is perfect for this. In order to guarantee proper drainage, one places a potsherd or something of a similar shape at the bottom of the pot with the convex side up. Larger plants (one meter and up) only need to be repotted once every two or three years.

Ficus Benjamina

* To keep the Ficus strong and healthy, we recommend adding plant food to the water once every two weeks. Again: regularity is important here!

Ficus Benjamina

* The Ficus is wind resistant in nature, but indoors, the Ficus doesn’t handle draft very well, or should we say not at all. Cold and heat airflows cause leaf drop and weaken young leafs. Your Ficus will look awful before long.

Ficus Benjamina

* The Ficus continues to grow indoor.
This is reflected by the young leafs that have a somewhat lighter color. Older leafs will fall. This is a natural process that occurs with most trees during the fall. Fortunately, the Ficus never ceases to produce new leafs. A Ficus that has a smooth leaf surface should be dusted frequently. Dusting is done using a sponge, cloth or a swab.

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