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Except for a few varieties of Ficus the Ficus cuttings arrive ready for use.

Using a potting machine, the Ficus plugs are potted evenly in the correct size.

A Ficus that has just been potted are transported to the greenhouse using a forklift. It will take a long while before they are large enough.

After about eight to ten weeks, sticks are inserted with the potted Ficus measuring about one and a half meters. These sticks have to be inserted as straight as possible.

When the sticks have been inserted, the Ficus can be ringed for the first time. Before reaching a length of one and a half meter, the Ficus will have been ringed about 4 times. A Ficus needs about 10 months to reach a length of one and a half meter.

Using a forklift, about 50 Ficus units are transported to the greenhouse at a time.

Most Ficus units will leave Peeters Potplanten through orders. These are received through FlorEcom, by fax of phone. As soon as the auction letter has been printed, the Ficus order is prepared in the greenhouse.

In most cases, the company transports them to the auction.

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