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About Peeters Potplanten

Peeters Potplanten

Peeters Potplanten is a modern potted plant nursery focused on the production of high quality products and being a reliable partner to our customers.


Peeters Potplanten has been producing potted plants ever since 1990, after a switch from vegetable cultivation. The first step was growing the Ficus on a 8000 m2 surface. After an interim expansion of the surface and the product range, another expansion followed in the year 2000. The choice was made for a sustainable expansion by means of constructing a tide sensitive floor, double screens, automation and expansion of the product range. After a period that was exclusive to the Ficus, we began growing the Zamioculcas in 2006, The total surface expanded to 47.000 m2, and a cogeneration plant was installed, to control the energy issue. Cultivation was further expanded, thanks to the possibility of taking over hibiscus cultivation from a company that shutdown their business. The combination of these three types of combination is perfect for our company.

Quality policy

The products at Peeters Potplanten are grown for the higher quality segment in the market. We also have a private label for the Hibiscus which are sold under the name Fiori Grande. The reason for this is that we grow species that are exclusive and have striking coarse flowers. These exclusive types are the result of the breeding of the work group Hibiscus u.a., with which we are also associated. The Zamioculcas fall under the label Zamigo, Easy & Relaxing friend. This is the strength of the Zamigo, a low maintenance plant. They are sold in the higher segment.

MPS Certification

Our company is MPS-A certified, and we meet the highest standards of this certification. The use of crop protection, fertilizer, energy and waste is registered in this company.

Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship

Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship is a concept has become more and more popular over the past years. We try to join this initiative as well, by assuring a number of things within the company, such as:

  • Full recirculation and reuse of the irrigation water
  • Maximum energy savings due to double screens and heating patternon
  • 75 % of the heat comes from the CHP system, which is the residual heat of the energy production
  • Minimizing chemical pest control by deploying organic resources
  • Good labor conditions due to the automation of various activities

This is a summary of the things Peeters Potplanten represents. For more information, see the other sections of this website.

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