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Together with a fellow ficus breeder developed the MagniFicus. The MagniFicus is cultivated with great care. We focus specifically on the conditions at the consumer's home. Care for a light place, good watering and give regular plant nutrition. In this way the consumer can enjoy the long MagniFicus.
"Through my journal I put water, sunlight and gases into sugars and oxygen. That way purely I your air and I arrange the humidity. Take good care of me and I take good care of you!"


For the consumer, the production and care links are mainly important.

Under Production, you can see the process of the how the Ficus ends up in your home via the auction and the shop in an average period of 10 months.

To make sure that you’ll enjoy your Ficus as long as possible, we’ve included some useful tips under the care link. 


For wholesale, the product range link is the most important. Under product range you’ll find the products we grow in our company, by clicking the relevant product, you’ll see the photos of the different types of plants we have in our company. If you click again, information about the relevant plant will appear. This shows you how tall the plant is, what pot size it requires and its VBN Code.

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